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I was looking for Hair transplant and I found Look's Studio on Google and the ratings were par better than other clinic's, initially I was afraid but when I visited the Clinic, the consultant took care of all my doubts and made me very comfortable. It's been 9 months now and I am very happy with the results and confident than before. Special mention to Rohit for prompt response and answering my silly questions with patience.

Mr. Rajesh


I completed hair transplant which took 2 days, 8hours. I was a bit unsure on how good it would be and I did not know if I should book at other clinic or here. After 4 months my hair is grown fast and I am so happy with the results. The procedure was painless, I had some pain the following few days so I took some pain killers and I was fine. The clinic is totally reliable, clean and the team is very professional. Dr.Nishanth is best at his practise , so you're in the best hands. I honestly recommend this clinic

Mr. Datta


I've always been very concern about my hair and since couple of years it was falling heavily and I was looking like an old guy. One of my friend recommended me about Looks Studio Hair transplant clinic, after consulting with them, I was still sceptical about whether I should go ahead or wait, after a week, after consulting my brother in law, who is also a doctor, I confirmed with them and got my hair transplant, it pains a little, but my friend who got it done with my referral felt no pain. Overall experience is good; I would surely recommend this clinic to everyone who is looking for Hair transplant.

Mr. Aditya


I had my hair transplant 10 days ago. All the staff is very co-operative and explains every process in details. Meal provided on the day of hair transplant is also good. My brother and his friends has done hair transplant from here and they recommended me the looks studio. I was told that looks studio provides good consulting, service and I experienced the same in my case. If anyone planning for the same I would definitely recommend you looks studio

Mr. Kumar


I've always been very concerned about my hair. Since a couple of years it has been falling heavily and it is making me look old. One of my friends recommended Looks Studio and I’m glad he did!

Mr. Shinde


Before the hair transplantation, I researched many clinics and found that Looks Studio is the best option for hair transplantation based on earlier feedback. All doctors and nurses are very supportive.

Mr. Arun


What a calm and composed place Looks Studio is. I am happy that I decided to go for a hair transplant with Looks Studio. Dr. Monis thoroughly understands the emotional side of a person, he guided me extremely well with his experience.

Mr. Pravin