Female Hair Transplant

As we know, dilutions are less noticeable in women than men, they affect women more psychologically. Genetic factors, including stress, age, various illnesses, seasonal shifts and hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth can result in male-type hair loss in women. Some problems may be corrected by pharmacotherapy for the elimination of the cause, but the hair transplant procedure for women is the most definitive solution.

The hair transplantation procedure, which is common only to men, can also be successfully performed in women. The Bio-integrated FUE is a procedure which is carried out in male clients with the usual course of hair growth is also suitable for female clients with diffused thinning on the hair-line and temporal areas, and performed according to the type of hair loss and the results obtained so far are all successful. Bio-integrated FUE, also termed as a hair-line expert, is performed these days without any downtime and is most suitable for female clients and performed without shaving the scalp.

Bio-integrated FUE Female hair transplants are a specialised hair restoration procedure performed by Looks Studio specialized hair transplant surgeon knowledgeable and skilled in female hair transplant procedures. Depending on the cause of hair loss, the areas which need to be treated in a female hair transplant will vary whereas some may need a hair transplant that focuses on restoring the hairline and temples, and others may need a more widespread treatment to improve hair thinning.

At Looks Studio, our surgeons are experts in female hair transplant procedures. We can offer women an option of unshaven, partially shaven, and fully shaven FUE hair transplant procedures where possible. Your treatment always needs to be unique to you. We don’t believe in blanket methods or quick fixes; our team is there to find the cause of your hair loss and ensure that if treatment goes ahead, it is the best way for your needs.

Some of the situations that may require a hair transplant are:

  • Broader Fore Head (Hairline Reduction)
  • Traction Alopecia
  • Alopecia that develops after a trauma or a surgery
  • Localized bald patches










Grafts are harvested minimally to protect the grafts and the donor area. In a woman’s case, no shaving of the scalp is required before the procedure. The grafts are well-preserved and utilized efficiently.

The main aim is to provide natural, pleasing, and good-looking results that the customer is happy with. Thus, the grafts are implanted into the recipient area in a way that matches the angle and direction of the existing hair.

  • Postoperative guidelines are given to clients
  • Transplanted hair falls out after 3 weeks and new hair begins to grow after 4 months
  • A dense head of hair in just under a year

Advantages Of Hair Transplant
Procedures In Women

Permanent solution to baldness

Natural and appealing results

Various treatments can be used to increase hair volume and strength

Restores beautiful hair and boosts self-esteem